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About Our Pharmacy

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Bell Creek Pharmacy – we are your neighborhood pharmacy located in Mechanicsville. At Bell Creek Pharmacy, we go above and beyond to help you out with your health care needs. We not only provide just prescription and OTC items, we provide support and advice in our commitment to help people lead healthier lives.

We are a part of a network of thousands of independent pharmacies who pool their purchasing power and we able to offer you with great low prices. There is no need to drive all over town to find the best price on your prescription medications. We will meet or beat any legitimate price. But while prices may be discounted our service is premium.

Did you know that insurance co-pay is the same dollar amount for any store that is a member of your network?

Why are you waiting in long lines and waiting days to get your medications, when you can get fast, friendly service with us for the exact same price?

For more information about our company, you can reach us through our phone number 804-277-8938. You may also visit our drugstore in Mechanicsville, Virginia. See you soon!

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